Sunday, May 20, 2018

Another Arizona Spring

May 20, 2018
On Monday morning Hinckley and I woke up and headed to the hospital. He was pretty excited about it and was in a great mood. He was cute with the doctors, and wasn’t able to take his eyes of the tv for most of the orientation and pre-work. He asked his germ question to the medical staff about “how are germs alive if they don’t have hearts?” which they couldn’t really answer. He told them “I’m a little scientist.” It was very cute. After the surgery he took a bit to come out of the drugs and was whimpering for a bit, but then he got back on the iPad and was just fine. We carted him out in a special wheel chair for kids and he got lots of fond looks as we walked by people. By the time we were home he was just fine it seemed, and didn’t fall asleep in the car. When I got home from work in the evening he was bouncing off the walls and full of energy like normal. The surgery was minor, removing a small lump on his left arm that was growing and slightly painful for him, but not dangerous (according to the doc). 

In the elevator at the hospital. "I'm so excited to go to sleep!"

Sitting with "My comfort object" before surgery

Other than that surgery, this week has been pretty normal. Lots of playing at the park on two evenings this week, the weather has been amazing! (after 6:00 pm or so). Addie is not sick! So we are enjoying her being a little happier than she has been in the recent past. Greyson is growing and growing, and we set up a new high chair this week and he is loving being able to see all of us during meals instead of lying off on the floor away from all the attention. We moved him into his own room and Kassie has reported she is now getting over 7 hours of sleep each night! That is awesome. She's been listening to a lot of podcasts and enjoying a fitness blender 2 month program and is often sharing neat ideas with me about what she is learning. We've given our personal finances a makeover and are feeling refreshed and excited to get some of those new plans rolling out. I'm very grateful Kassie is passionate and persistent on those things as they don't come naturally to me!

I've started an online program that calls itself an MBA program, though I wouldn't call it that - it is interesting and I'm learning a lot about things that have always scared me (accounting, stocks, bonds, numbers and stuff). It is an interesting model, the program is free and apparently they give recruiters access to the student's info and if they hire anyone then the recruiters pay the company a fraction of the new hire's salary. Regardless, it is zero risk for me! 

May 13, 2018

Eating propane-stove cooked S'mores

At Rose Canyon Lake with Nana and Grandpa

On Monday Mom and Dad came by for a while before we left to Mt Lemmon. The kids were so excited! We found a great site up at the Rose Canyon campground. I loved watching how eager the kids were to explore, discover, and just play. We went for a walk to the lake there, went up to Summer-haven and had a cookie at the Cookie Cabin, and enjoyed some vistas. It was beautiful and about 10-20 degrees cooler! Apart from the two nights when nearly all of us were coughing and sneezing and dripping from our noses, the event was amazing. I’m very grateful we could make it work. Hinckley’s delight with the little bow and arrow he created with Mom’s help, and Addie’s sheer joy at just about everything was all worth it. The rest of the week zipped by. Addie continues to parrot everything Hinckley says, or asks, which often frustrates him (and us!) but its how she learns right? Greyson is growing more curious and chunky by the day. 

3 babies 

Summer is here to stay it seems as we brave 100+ degree weather. We are counting down the days till they open the full splash park and water slides at our community clubhouse. I'm preparing for my first "annual review" at work, I've never had such a thing. Allergies continue to afflict but thanks to Dad's magic drugs it isn't too painful.

May 6, 2018
We had the Burnsides here this weekend and enjoyed having Mom and Dad, Granny and Grandpa at church and for lunch today for Greyson's blessing. Kassie and I had a fun date Saturday night playing tennis and walking around the Sahuarita lake, the night before she and her Mom and sister went to a movie. It's been a full weekend! 

Happy Baby

Momma and Baby

Family picture . . . fail (haha) 
Hinckley has really been into germs, viruses, and bacteria lately. He has been making “viruses” with his space connector toys. That kid thinks of the most remarkable things to create! The thing is, they actually look like models of viruses! He was excited to show those to the neighbor girl next door. He is a miracle, the way he thinks and creates and ponders is so fascinating. I love to see him puzzle out a solution to a problem and create things from his imagination. He has allergies too, but they don't seem to keep him from sleeping or slow him down much during the day. 

Mexican food with the Burnsides

Preparing for Greyson's maiden swimming trip

Addie is had another fever this weekend (what?!). She has been a very happy girl, but is back to her alter ego which is quit dreadful. This week she enjoyed going with Kas and Hinckley to Hinckley's preschool field trip to the Tucson Child's Museum. She also continues to dote on Greyson and both she and Hinckley have become adept at making him grin and coo with glee.  

We went swimming with the whole family yesterday and for Greyson's first foray into the waters went ok, he wasn't a huge fan but did some kicks in the water. He is growing at light speed and seems to be overall very healthy and happy. He was very tired during Sacrament meeting but didn't object to the blessing till the very end. 

April 29, 2018
Everyone is basically happy and healthy at our home, with the exception of some allergies suffered by Hinckley and myself. Yesterday we did some service at the Stake service event at the church and then I went swimming with H and A in the afternoon. This week was pretty uneventful, though in the larger news the AZ teachers have been staging a walk out the last few days and it is set to continue into next week. I fully support the walkout, it is insane the state public education is in down here. 

The ever-sick Adelaidy 
Hinckley is all registered to start Kindergarten in August! It is hard to believe that time has come, and yet at the same time I often think he could enter a much higher grade if he wanted. He continues to build remarkable things out of his different toys. He is learning to share and has really started testing our limits to see what we really do care about and that is always interesting. He enjoys listening to "Chompers" a podcast for kids to listen to during teeth brushing time which is pretty fun. He has a way with other kids and we are told often by other parents that their kids are always talking about Hinckley. Today there was a fight in primary over who got to sit by him. Who knows where he gets his social prowess but I'm not complaining! 

Hinckley's creations

Addie with her beloved glasses and purse

Chunky Monkey

Addie has healed from her latest malady. She continues to wake up too early every morning (5:45 to 6:00 am) which is frustrating because she is super grumpy by the time breakfast is over. Kassie has been trying to get her take naps again and it seems to be working most days as Addie just has to "lay down" for 15 minutes and that almost always turns into a nap. That makes her moods tolerable for the remainder of the day. Otherwise she is very sweet and loves following Hinckley around and doing whatever he is doing. She is very caring with Greyson, and loves to make him laugh and pat his head and tummy. 

Hanging out with the cool kids

Greyson is getting a tooth! Which is crazy since he is just over 3 months and can't roll over yet. His sleep has been impacted a bit resulting in Kassie sleeping less at night. That said he is still quite the bowl full of jelly - a jolly fellow who wins the hearts of all you meet him. He is an adaptable and patient child and we sure love him! 

April 22, 2018
Addie had a brief respite in sickness so that we could all enjoy a really fun trip to PHX for a couple days. Her fever dropped and all looked good for us to drive up after work on Thursday. We enjoyed a well-hosted stay at 6148 and the kids had a lot of fun. I took them with Grandpa to the mall to walk in the morning and his friend was there so each kid had a walker to sit on while Grandpa and his friend pushed! They had a ball and Grandpa seemed to as well. That afternoon we went to the Museum of Natural History down in Mesa and though terrified of the lifelike dinos, Addie made it through and Hinckley got to pan for gold. 

The famous bunkbed room at Granny and Grandpa's

The scientist and his creation

Chilling with Great-Granny 

We had a great dinner with Williams folk and it was wonderful to visit with everyone. The next day we said our farewells (after watching Lion King) and Kassie and Hinckley got to go with in-laws Uncle Dan and Aunt Sam to see the Amazon fulfillment center Dan works in at Goodyear. It was a great trip and we got home to Tucson Saturday night without too much trouble. Then Addie threw up 3 times of the night, nearly bringing our washing machine to its knees. The poor girl has another fever and I'm home from 3rd hour of church again to tend to her as Kassie teaches Hinckley's primary class. 

April 15, 2018
Addie and I just got back from the Urgent Care (Sunday) as she had a 105 fever for a few hours...! They think it is the flu so hopefully we can get that remedied quickly. She literally fell asleep in the swing yesterday afternoon at the park, and then later while sitting up in the bath. Poor girl. 

Sickly child

Happy smiles

Yesterday we went up to Madera canyon for the annual “Friends of Madera Canyon Kids Day” which we did last year. The kids enjoyed water paints and other crafts as well as the nature walk. They even overcame their fears and gave Smokey the Bear (they had the mascot there) a high five. Initially they were so terrified that Addie almost laid down the ground in tears and Hinckley was wrapped around my leg so tight I couldn’t move. They had a good time and it was fun to go again.

"He is not scary!" H and A overcome their fears to pose with Smokey

Madera canyon artwork

This week I was released from the EQ presidency . . . and then called back into it, from 1st counselor to 2nd. I'm happy about the new Ministering changes from the angle of a presidency member, and hope that it will help the members of our quorum think differently about what it means to care for those they are assigned. I'm guessing I've still much to learn about charity and more since I'm being called into this calling again. I've been in this calling in two different consecutive wards for about 3 or more years. 

April 8, 2018
Things are heating up here in Southern Arizona, and we have already begun using our AC.  Yesterday we had the AC man come check out our system and Hinckley was enthralled. He followed the man everywhere and peppered him with questions. He was extremely impressed with the attic. Before telling the man all about how he had thrown up night before on his sheets he exclaimed, “Wow! The attic! My Mom and Dad have never shown me the attic before!” and he stared at the pipes and wooden beams in ecstatic curiosity. He and I had a "Hinckley Daddy day" yesterday, going to build a bird house at the Home Depot, to a brother in the ward for help fixing a stroller tire (his name is Brother Bot and Hinckley wondered if he was a robot...!), and then swimming in the afternoon while Kassie, Addie, and Greyson went to a birthday party. 

Cherry cheeks

Easter morning smiles

Hinckley has also been obsessed with our neighbor's back patio project. He loves to go out there and talk to them and ask every question he can think of. The next day they weren't out there and he sat in a chair waiting for them for like 40 minutes - occasionally yelling out "Neighbors! Are you coming out?" He is quite social. Addie and Greyson continue to exhibit cuteness in their own ways and with their own methods. Addie keeps waking up super early which is kind of frustrating since she is often grumpy because of that. Why won't she just sleep? Oh well. I recall Hinckley doing something similar. 

"Neighbors, are you coming out?"
Things are pretty simple beyond the curve balls the kids throw us each day. Work continues to be alright for me, it isn't exhilarating but it is certainly not the worst thing I've done. I had my 1 year anniversary there on Tuesday and that was sort of hard to believe. 

April 2, 2018
Our week wasn't much out of the ordinary, besides general conference of course. The kids did the best in their whole lives during conference and I think this is the first conference I have been able to sit through more than 70% of since Hinckley was born. It was a great miracle (and also a result of Kassie being awesomely prepared). 

Hinckley has really begun some fun imaginary play. The other day he made a “green smoothie food truck” out of his space connector toys, towing it around to sell green smoothies to things. Later he converted it into a healing wagon of sorts where snakes and centipedes (the little sticky toy kind) could go. It is wonderful to have such a dreamy 4 year old in our house. He creates "obstacle" courses, makes up games on the spot, and never stops asking questions. 

Easter ears

Bubbles outside 

Easter cherubs (Greyson with cousin Lilah)

Easter morning squeezables

Addie is a new girl this week with little sickness. It is amazing to have her actually laughing and doing things without demanding I hold her on the couch while she tells me all about how she hates everything. Hoping that this trend continues on to the next week. She continues to dote on Greyson and parrot Hinckley in everything. 

Greyson is about the same, cute and generally happy. The kids had a fun Easter and we had an amazing dinner too. It was a great holiday and we wish we were around all of you during this special time. 

March 25, 2018
This week went by extra fast because on Tuesday I got to go with Kas and the kids on a field trip for Hinckley's preschool! We went up to Shamrock Farms near PHX and toured the dairy farm. The kids enjoyed seeing all the baby cows, the huge pile of cow manure (Hinckley), and of course the complimentary icecream sandwiches and chocolate milk at the end. I was amazed by the cleanliness of the place, it hardly stinked like you would think it would - they said they clean the whole place twice a day so that is why it wasn't overwhelming. Saturday we went on a beautiful hike at the edge of Saguaro National Forest with one of my peers from work and the kids did pretty well despite Addie falling 2-3 times. 

Buckled and ready

The results of playing with cactus 

Hinckley (far left) and friends at Shamrock Farms

Greyson has really started smiling and even laughing a bit, he is sleeping pretty well at night and during the day for the most part. Sometimes he can take a long time to fall asleep, wanting someone to be with him every step of the journey to dreamland. But other times he has begun to self sooth a bit more and just go down in a few minutes. Overall, he is a wonderful baby. Hard to believe he is 2 months old on Monday, time flies. 

Addie has been feeling better since last week, and she and Hinckley have been playing much better together (or at least that is my perception based on observation this weekend). She still is extraordinarily sensitive, and reticent to leave us in situations like library story time or playgroups at the park. She needs to be nearly always connected to one of us during these events. Part of me thinks that is fine and perhaps she is just introverted and needs additional grounding in loving relationships, and the other part of me wonders "what is wrong with her?!" since it can be a big aggravating to have a weeping child connected to you at all public moments. Kassie, of course, is the one that must deal with this the most. 

Hinckley's lion king love has continued to flourish though he was extremely disappointed that during my sickness last week I refused to fight him as Simba vs Scar. He had some fun play dates this week including going swimming. He has become fully interested in using potty talk in every conceivable situation and we are trying not to let it bother us (its a phase, right?). We dyed Easter eggs yesterday which he really enjoyed. He has started leading fun imaginary activities with Addie such as the magic train with trips to the sky and the stomach (see picture) and "cleaning" the backyard.

March 18, 2018
Hinckley has been into the Lion King lately because he saw it at a friends house. The other night t I delighted in playing the soundtrack for him and as I washed dishes couldn’t help grinning at him as he sat there staring at the table listening to the music. Makes my heart proud! He wants to play Lion King every night which means "we fight". He always wants to be Scar and wants me to be Simba. Reminds me of the old times when Trent always called me scar :) This week was spring break from preschool so Hinckley was around all week long. Kassie took the kids to a petting zoo which started out well but ended in Addie throwing an astonishing fit after tripping near some chickens with chicken feed in her hand . . . 

Joint hair cut and nap time

Planks with Mommie

Addie has been diagnosed with an ear infection for the third time in the last 4 months. We have another strong dose of anti-biotic to give her and just hope it will end once and for all. I'm actually writing this here at home while Kassie and Hinckley are at church as I also have some kind of sickness that involves severe congestion, ear and head pain, and overall miserableness. I hope it ends soon. I've been more sick in the last year than I have for the last 5, maybe has something to do with living in a new place, having 3 kids around, and working around lots more people? I don't know. 

Greyson is chunking up and smiling more. His siblings love him and are always trying to get in his face. He is sleeping fairly well at night, waking usually just to eat before going back to sleep. He struggles to sleep during the day so that has been a little difficult. Hinckley said this week something along the lines of "I'm so grateful Greyson choose to come to our family, and that Heavenly Father sent him to us." We all share that sentiment. 

March 11, 2018
On Monday we attended a Food truck roundup with the whole family - Addie ate lots of her nachos and Hinckley ate more than half of his German potato pancakes. Kassie and I enjoyed some curry dishes. It was fun! Yesterday we went to the Tucson Book Festival which is the annual bazaar of books and much more hosted at the U of A. After doing battle with the crowds we obtained some "Frutti Tutti" popcorn for Addie and some Banana Chocolate ice cream for Hinckley. There was a tent where you could walk in and just grab a free kid book for each kid, but Addie basically cried the whole time out of a desire to eat her popcorn. We finally did find the children's tent and watched an illustrator read one of his books and then draw some neat pictures. We had a good time and it was neat to see some of U of A campus too. The trip also marked the maiden voyage of Hinckley's booster seat. He is now riding out of car seat and we are realizing he is indeed getting bigger! 

Guzzling the tasty "frutti tutti"

Hinckley breaking in the booster seat

Addie loves of dressing up. She loves putting on other people’s shoes, and is almost always finding things to put on such as necklaces or PJ Mask capes/masks, or her chef hat and apron. It is terribly adorable. She got a little purse to put pennies in that she earns for going potty in the toilet too, and she loves it.

This evening as we opened the scriptures to begin reading Hinckley broke into tears. We asked what was wrong and he said, “I’m just so sad that Jesus had to die.” Kassie and I looked at each other and then kept trying to console him. He continued to cry a little as we finished reading and put him to bed. Either he is very sensitive to the spirit and we are decent teachers, or he is super tired. Regardless, it was pretty cute and touching. It is very sad that Jesus had to die, and I am so grateful for His atoning sacrifice.

Breakfast with Owlet and Hinckle-bug

Coaxing out some grins

Greyson really started smiling this week and we caught a few on camera. He continues to endow Kassie with celebrity status whenever she goes into public. It is amazing how a chubby cherub can break down barriers and how his presence ignites the social capacity of strangers everywhere. Hard to deny such a fellow!  

March 4, 2018
The week zoomed by and I'm trying to recall exactly what happened. Greyson has begun to show some smiles on his growing chins/cheeks, and he has been sleeping better at night waking sometimes only 2 times to eat. Kassie made it through the first full working week alone with the kids and we celebrated with a date yesterday to an amazing restaurant that is attached to a very small Krishna temple. 

Addie seems to be doing much better now that she's had 10 days worth of antibiotic! She loves her brothers and loves connecting with them in different ways. She has seemed to officially abandon naps (I realize this isn't the first time I've said this) but she appears to do quiet time pretty well, playing with puzzles and other things. She is still learning to use the toilet, and we continue to lean on innovative strategies to convince her that it is a good idea. 

Hinckley and his furry friends

Hinckley continues to develop and grow in wonderful ways. He and I had a fun time at the Home Depot kid craft activity yesterday where we made a periscope which he loves. He is also really into how the body works, and includes levels of detail (e.g. the circulatory system) in his artwork I never dreamed of till maybe 7th grade science. Today at church he perked up when a kid bore their testimony, and he said to me "Why can't I give my testimony?" We had talked about testimony bearing in an FHE or two and had told him that he could share his when he had one to share, and that we weren't going to take him up there and whisper to him what to say. So I imagined it would be a few years. But he insisted on going up, and I thought "who am I to stop him if he really wants to?" So he ran up there and was standing by the microphone as the current person was finishing up. I went up and sat with him till it was his turn and emphasized to him that I wouldn't be giving him words to say, and that he should just share things he knew to be true. He wouldn't tell me what he was going to say so when it was time I let him go hoping it would be ok. He stood and said "I know Jesus died for me and that Joseph saw Jesus and Heavenly Father" and then he jumped down from the block with joy. And quite literally skipped down off the stand while holding my hand. He's a pretty remarkable guy! 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ushering in Greyson John

January 7, 2018
Happy New Year! We all went to bed at the regular time New Years Eve, I think it was the first time in over 20 years I've not stayed up till midnight and it felt . . . amazing. On the first day of the year we took down all our Christmas stuff and did a deep clean of the closet under the stairs - I've finally come to understand and appreciate "that special feeling" Mom used to tell me I would get if I would just clean my room :) After nap time we went bowling and the kids had a fun time hefting the large balls and rolling the down the track. The next day Hinckley came downstairs saying sorrowfully “I hate normal life!” when he saw all the Christmas decorations were down and remembered that all those good times were now history and not in the very near future. 

Exploring "The Valley of the Moon"

Hinckley bought one of those arm extension things that allows you to pick up items off the ground. He calls it his “robot arm” and really loves toting it around to pick up new items. Addie enjoyed following behind him to see what he is going to do with it. They continue to vacillate between mortal enemies and bosom pals, and for the most part get along well. Kassie even braved a grocery trip with them both and they didn't through massive tantrums. Progress! 

Chef Adelaide

Addie is very sweet and says really funny things that keep us all laughing. She loves to tease Hinckley. She is getting more used to sleeping in a bed though potty training is still a work in progress. She wet the bed during a nap and that was sort of the last straw as our washer was broken over the holidays and it took a while to get info from our landlords about what to do. I did a ton of laundry at Zach and Kylees and fortunately work is flexible enough I could work from their home office that morning so Kassie didn't have to deal with that. Then they delivered a new washer this week! So we are very grateful. 

We've been reflecting on the new year, goals, and the life and legacy of President Monson. There is much to be grateful and hopeful about despite all the evil in the world. Here's to a groovy 2018!

Playing with Mommie

January 14, 2018
As we hit 39 weeks of #3 pregnancy I got sick and then handed it off to Kassie just in time for this final week of waiting. Hopefully she gets through it as fast as I did, ugh. Despite my feeling a bit under the weather we had a full week. Hinckley's preschool teacher was in the hospital this week so Christmas break was extended and Kassie worked fast to figure out activities to keep the kids engaged. They went to the zoo with friends and had a great time, and they did some baking too. 

Addie continues to make us laugh with little sayings and phrases. The other morning after I hugged Hinckley when he came down the stairs for breakfast Addie insisted he hug her. He asked why and she just demanded, “hug me Hinckelbee!” The other night Kassie said Addie was saying over and over, “I HATE the magic school bus, I love the magic school bus!” Sometimes she really does seem like at least two characters stuck in one toddler body. The kids saw a movie called Boss Baby so for a few days she was calling things “my fos baby” and then calling Kassie “you are my fos baby”. She loves to get us laughing and has started a new thing at breakfast lately where she launches into fantastical tales about her dream the night before, usually referring to items going into her mouth or belly button. Hinckley laughs like crazy and tries to mimic her. She has picked up on some of our phrases too like "That's a good idea!" and others where I don't know where she gets them like "I'm MEAN at YOU!" and "I hate it!" (often referring to any music I turn on or any action I do that doesn't have to do with me serving her food or playing exactly what she wants). 

Hinckley is loving the legos and other building toys he got for Christmas. He spends more time creating and experimenting with these little objects and this week he discovered the magic of doing a puzzle by yourself and seeing it all come together. He proclaimed, "I'm going to do puzzles all my life." He continues to love building forts and is learning how to do it on his own without someone helping him at every step. Lots of tears have been shed, but hopefully a flame of self reliance has been kindled or at least fizzled momentarily. He continues to love science things such as the Microbes from the Magic School bus and of course his rocks and gems. Inspired by an episode of Bill Nye regarding digestion he asked me for something to eat to see what happened when he was upside down on the couch. I smiled when I heard him lecturing Addie the other day about how she has red blood cells that help her. She of course didn't like him telling her anything, but he was being very patient. He's becoming quite the helper! He loved working in the yard yesterday as we had a sort of fall/spring/something yard work day blowing leaves and picking up around our yard. 

Freshly opened geode! 

January 28, 2018

We had a fun week with Nana and Grandpa here and Greyson coming to stay for good! 

Playing Sequence with Nana

There were many trips to the park, stories read, tears shed, and lots more. The birth story may be forthcoming . . . 

Greyson with his favorite person

Proud big brother

Happy older sister

Greyson John

February 4, 2018

This was a fun and different week for us as I've been home with Kas and the kids as we all get used to having Greyson here. He is doing well, and eating like a maniac and his older brother and sister enjoy talking to him and trying to please him in different ways. Kassie is recovering well, though she is still quite tired.

Angel pose

Fun things we did this past week:
  • Gem and Mineral show of Tucson - they loved it, and even braved the disgusting porter potty. Hinckley thought he surely could find something that cost nothing, so he asked me the price of everything he saw. It was so cute seeing him run around with his learning guide for gems and minerals from the National Geographic
  • Storytime with Addie at the library - she wasn’t too into any of the songs, but she loved the stories and enjoyed people watching. She also successfully navigated her way out of a few naps this week which was terrible for all of us
  • Flying a kite
  • Walking to and from preschool
  • Children’s museum in Tucson - they did ok at taking turns to choose the next room we would go to, and Hinckley really took to the music tracks I played on the way to and from Tucson and even tried singing along with some of the songs

Addie is in full revolt mode for naps and just about everything that isn't dictated by her. She is also getting quite meta as she makes many interesting statements of logic such as "I'm Addie because I'm Addie" or "I'm Owlet (character from PJ Masks) because I am!" and "I'm sick because I am sick". She has also taken to getting reactions from Hinckley by yelling and pointing at him "You are a meanie face!" and then laughing with glee as Hinckley gets upset. When I spent some time alone with her during Hinckley's preschool she made many statements asserting her independence from Hinckley's shadow such as "This is MINE, not Hincklebee's, Okaaay?!" (while pointing at her groundhog day coloring paper from storytime at the library)

Tucson Gem Show - its a big deal

Grinning at the park

Diligent homework scholar

Hinckley has become quite the helper and doesn't seem too phased by having a little brother. He enjoys finding experiments to do and continually pops off hilarious and unique statements/questions like "Addie, you have skin cells." and "You know, this has been a really long life I've had" and "I feel kinda strange without my jamies on (he was wearing day clothes) maybe it's cause I love them so much." 

We loved seeing Ryan, Caleb, and Elsie for a couple hours Saturday! The kids were in heaven, and as soon as the door opened Hinckley was grabbing at Caleb to come see his stalactite experiment we got from Bill Nye's beloved cave episode. Kassie's brother Dan and his wife and baby came in the afternoon and the kids went with them to Peter Piper's Pizza which was great for everyone. We feel so blessed to have such a great family! Thank you all for your calls and checkins. We appreciate you. 


February 10, 2018

These last few days have been full of activities. Monday we went to the group from the ward of moms and kids who play soccer and then play at the park - Hinckley had a blast playing soccer again and Addie had “a great fall” from up high on the playground under my watch. I felt terrible and I think she felt worse. That afternoon we went swimming (yay! swimming in 80 degrees in February!) and both kids had so much fun. Hinckley was in heaven jumping off the side of the pool and encouraging a friend he met there to try getting into the deeper part of the pool. I’ve really been struck with his patience and loving personality as I’ve been able to watch him interact with other kids his age lately. 

Family picture in the glow of 29 candles

On walk with the mini stroller and the roboclaw

Curious Greyson

I had a great birthday, thanks for all the kind messages and calls!
 Hinckley kept asking me if we were going to the arcade (something I promised we’d do), and his argument finally won out when he said “Common Dad, we need to go somewhere fun for your birthday!” So we did. After that there was still time to make it to the Sahuarita library for lego time where he built a rocket ship, a water ship, and a mountain tower with a trap on it — all of which went on display at the library. He presented me with two gifts "wrapped" in construction paper - one of his beloved shells from his collection and one of his rocks he got from his best friend. I felt very special. Kassie and Addie also made the day special and it was a good one! 

Lego time at the library

Exploring Mom and Dad's closet

Saturday morning I washed both the van and the Elantra with Hinckley and Addie. Hinckley said “this is the most fun thing I’ve done EVER.” Might be a slight hyperbole but he certainly seemed to enjoy himself. Addie refused a nap and we all paid for it dearly. As Greyson was screaming in the car as if someone was sawing off his leg she was screaming with her hands over her ears saying “Stop the crying, stop the baby crying!” and “He wants milky, he wants milky!” Ugh. So yes - we did go on our first family outing today with three kids. We went up to a frontier fort where they were doing things like candle-making and having a brass band play in civil war garb. Hinckley made an adobe brick and I hauled Addie around as she said she hated everything. Afterwards we went to the Cashew Cow - a vegan ice cream shop that was pretty amazing and that cheered everyone up for a few minutes before we were back into the car! 

Kassie is recovering well, and this week I head back to work. Her mom is coming in time for her birthday and we are hopeful that Greyson will begin sleeping a little more at night so Kas can at least get one full sleep cycle in . . . Greyson had his 2 week check up and he has gained back his full weight since birth and then some! He is well over 8 lbs and even grow an extra inch and a half -ish. He charms the kids and keeps us on our toes as we learn how to play zone defense. I'm sure it will only get more exciting. 

At the Cashew Cow (or "Cashew Pig" as Addie called it)

Buckled up for our first family outing with 3 kids

Little Critter

February 18, 2018

This week I went back to Intuit and Kas transitioned to life at home with three kids and all in all it went well. It was good to be back at work, though not as fun as being with those kidlings! Kassie's mom came this weekend and that has been fun. We had a fun day for Kassie's birthday including cheesecake to top it off. Valentines was also a hit for the kids as it involved lots of fun crafts, food, and other joyful events. 

Front row seat to wrestling match

A boy scholar, Owlet, and a burrito baby

Victuals from the Valentines Day Kicker

Birthday girl with family and cheesecake 

Grandma gazing

Car racing with Grandma 

Greyson continues to grow and eat and sleep (sometimes). Addie continues to be extraordinarily needy and tortuous while still maintaining a remarkable level of cuteness. It has been rainy this week which is really strange for us, and a little cold (below 70...) so we've had to stay inside a little which has taken some getting used to. 

February 25, 2018
In Tucson there is an interesting tradition of having "Rodeo Days" in which there are a bunch of Rodeo festivities and the schools shut down for two days, it is pretty amazing! Also with President's day I enjoyed a 3 day weekend with the family. 

Eating junk at Intuit

Roping the immovable Bull

We went to two events, one at Intuit on Thursday and another at the clubhouse of our community, where the kids were exposed to a variety of "fair foods" such as deep fried Oreos, large pretzels, and cotton candy. They also enjoyed some of the games and activities. Addie brushed a goat and sheep and Hinckley rode a robo-bull of some kind which threw him off onto the bouncy ground after about 3 seconds :) 

Greyson continues the newborn cycle of eating, sleeping, producing waste, and crying. There were a few better nights this week where we logged some hours of rest and few that weren't as good. We love the little guy! Addie and Hinckley continue to dote on him. Addie has been more kind and herself this week thanks to the medicine we got from the doctor - hopefully we can get rid of that ear infection once and for all. The decibel level in our house continues to rise to new records. 

Little Bro Chalupa Child (recovering from a walk in the carrier)

Dreaming 4 year old and "his" tree

Addie in her favorite seat in the entire world

Kassie returned to church today and Greyson made his debut visit, doing quite well by sleeping for most of the time. This next week is the first full week of regular schedule and so we are moving towards establishing a new "normal" with three kidlings.