Sunday, May 28, 2017

Summer Commencement

April 30, 2017

This week we enjoyed having some of the Bishopric over for a visit and Kas and the kids had a few more playdates with folks in the ward. Everyone has been incredibly warm and welcoming and we feel really grateful. On Friday we went on our first date out of the house and the kids did great with the babysitter. For our date we went to The Zookeeper's Wife which was super intense (too much so?), about a family in Warsaw Poland during WW2. The movie theater nearby somehow stays in business . . . there was hardly a soul there and it was Friday night! We went to get a treat afterwards but everything other than a bar was closed! I guess we don't live in a college town anymore.

Yesterday we had a full day of going to a stake service activity, and later went on a nature hike at Sabino Canyon (right near Saguaro National Park) and enjoyed looking at all the different types of cacti and plants (including Mormon Tea). We got a double stroller and I took it for a run yesterday morning. It was below 60 so we all needed jackets :) 

Double Joy Stroller

This week at work I had an intensive workshop all about Criterion Referenced Instruction. It was great to have so much to do and to learn the framework I will be using here at Intuit. We still loving everything here and we are having a good time.

May 7, 2017

We hit over 100 degrees this week but are happy that it is cooling off this weekend and next. 

Hinckley and Addie are doing great, and I think everyone is feeling fully settled here at home now. Kas and the kids took a few visits into "town". They had a field trip with a group of preschool kids to Krispy Kreme to see donuts being made (and eat some too of course). They went to a library in Tucson and Hinckley got another book on caves. He was “delighted” that there was more about erosion. That guy is hilarious. They also tried out a splash pad in Tucson and had a great time. 

Putting on gardening gloves

Addie loves vegetables and the other night she didn’t want to eat the unhealthy garlic bread I had brought from the store, nor the yummy pasta noodles, or her milk, only the small peas Kassie added to the noodles as an after thought. She points at what she wants and makes herself known! That reminds me of when we had a yummy rice dinner and all she wanted was the asparagus that we cut up for her. She had multiple helpings. She loves to do as Hinckley does, and is always saying “Hinkeee!” in the morning when she can’t see him (since he wakes up much later than her usually). I enjoy the time I usually have with her in the morning as I make breakfast and get things ready for the day. She usually cuddles her bunnies, explores things in the living room, or begs for “gulk” (milk). 

Inside the bowels of Colossal Caverns

Yesterday afternoon was momentous as we went on Hinckley’s (and Addie’s) first ever cave visit. We went to Colossal Caverns and it was great! Hinckley chatted the whole time earning several smiles from the other cave visitors with us on the tour. He was begging from the start to see the stalactites which was really cute. Half way through the tour he turned to Kassie and said, “Mom, this is really amazing!” Our little 3 year old is quite amazing I’d say. Addie seemed to enjoy it too, and they both pointed at the dark shadows and the shapes with lots of energy. We also visited Mission Xavier which Hinckley and Addie seemed to think it was pretty neat. 

Cave entrance excitement

Getting ready to hike the cave

San Xavier Mission

May 14, 2017
This week Kas and the kids came to visit me at work so Kassie could get her biometric screening which they were doing at work. It was fun to see those cheery faces in a different setting! Friday was schedule the Father's and Son's campout, and after lots of deliberating I decided to cut it back to just a camp out in our backyard. H and I walked to a nearby park to "stargaze" which was really fun, and then I read him some books and told some stories . . . and then spent the next hour naming every shadow, shape, and sound in the tent till I thought there was nothing left to describe. Hinckley was quite scared and we finally ended up going inside and he went right to sleep in his bed, and I quite happily got into mine. Maybe next year! ha ha. 

Getting ready to not sleep in the backyard

Mommy and Hinckley Playing Trains

Yesterday I was trying to get Hinckley to begin getting ready to go to the pool, and in an effort to not be nagging and also fun (something I need to exert more energy to doing) I spoke as if I was his flip flops, trying to hide from him. Not only did that work to get him to find them and put them on, but he wanted to “talk” to his flip flops for the next 2 hours. As we drove to the pool he was “showing” them everything out the window, and when we returned from swimming he introduced them to Jack and “Mighty Mac” (the two diggers who currently work his mini construction site he has established out in the rocks and dirt of our backyard). As you can tell, he is in full blown imagination mode. He is also quite anti to eating anything other than milk - I got that book Lucy recommended and began reading last night and hoping there will be some insights we can work on. 

Addie follows H around all over the house, giggling and messing with anything he touches. She has even started asking to "Pee! Pee!" and wants to just sit on the toilet. She loves dancing around and showing off during scripture study time and it is hard to get upset that she wont' listen . . . we'll keep working on that. I am proud of myself for learning how to make a pig tail in her hair in a regular basis, and am getting a little better every time I try. She is a patient model for me! 

Hangin' with Grandpa Great

May 28, 2017
This was a different week as I was in Mountain View CA for most of the week for work while Kassie stayed home with the kids while getting over sickness. It was fun to see Ryan for a few minutes during my layover in San Diego! Intuit treated me very nice during my week there, and I got a more full orientation which helps be better understand how I can build a career here and so forth. 

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